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Diploma in Negotiation Studies

SEIs academic course, Diploma in Negotiation Skills prepares students with basic knowledge and skills that covers a wide range of negotiation ethics within cross-cultural workplaces, and assists in enabling personnel to attain professional stress coping mechanisms. DINS is suitable for in-service professionals from various fields, such as; psychology, counselling, legal, business, management, administrators and human resource, because this course is designed to teach candidates to be able to negotiate in order to resolve disputes as well as creating solutions, thereby providing for mutual gains for both parties.

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Course Structure

Diploma in Negotiation Skills is designed to take 8 months, with the second semester having a research course unit, where students have to write a research paper.

A) Semester. I

  • Introduction of Negotiation Skills
  • Inter-cultural Communication Skills
  • Human Resource and Workplace
  • Theories of Negotiation
  • Introduction to Management Ethics
  • Stress Management

B) Semester. II

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Introduction to Personality Characters
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolutions
  • Negotiation and Business Management
  • Research

Examination Procedure

  • Academic coursework 30%
  • Mid Semester Test 20%
  • Examination 50%

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