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Today's students are facing struggle after struggle.

Many are facing trials as a result of recent decisions to truly live for God. Others are facing a downhill slope as they're making bad choice after bad choice.

I've been working on a 8 week small group study for students for the book of James, dealing with trials. Since I'm not actively serving as a youth pastor, maybe someone can use it. For the next 8 weeks I will post weekly per each part. This post is the intro.

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Joy can be found in trials ONLY when a spiritual perspective is maintained. Testing of faith (trials) leads to perseverance. Perseverance leads to maturity. On the road to maturity a major roadblock is the lack of wisdom. Wisdom is a spiritual gift to those of faith which gives them access to the power and resources of God for facing all situations. The one who doubts is double minded, unstable, and divided. Poor people take pride in their membership in the family of God, which make them heirs to His glory and riches. The rich and powerful man should be humble in the realization of his humanness, impending death, and poverty apart from the blessing of God. Perseverance under trial not only results in maturity but also eternal life.

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