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As a Marine Corps brat, Memorial Day is up there

As a Marine Corps brat, Memorial Day is up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving. No matter where you are or what your plans, you take time to meet as a family and give thanks for all the soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom and for those who serve. Past, present, and future.

This weekend we had the opportunity to meet a cousin who is riding through the country on his motorcycle. He stopped in on Friday and left out this morning. The time we all got to spend reminded me of how important family is, especially when thousands of miles separate us from each other. It also reminded me of how important it is to remember those we've lost. How we should pass on their life stories to future generations.

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Many of our family have served to protect our country. Not just in the wars since this land became the United States, but also to protect their freedom from the early immigrants. It doesn't matter how they fought or whether they won or lost. What matters is that they fought to protect their families, their culture, their country.

Today we enjoy each others company, good food, and take time to give thanks to all those who ensured our freedom. As we do, let's remember that they all

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