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Windmill electricity enthusiasts

Not all of us windmill electricity enthusiasts are mechanics and have a full understanding of how machines work. I still think it might be some sort of magic when I look up and see planes flying in the sky. For those of us that are not technical here is a list of the basic parts of a windmill or wind turbine.

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Windmill Blades

The windmill blades are the part on top that spin. They are curved a little bit so that when the wind blows they will spin in one direction. Modern windmill blades are made in a shape that will help them get the most energy from wind as they spin. This spinning is where the windmill electricity starts.


The gearbox of a windmill has a rotor and a shaft. When creating windmill electricity the blades spin the rotor and the rotor spins the shaft. Each component spinning faster than the one before. The energy then enters the generator.


The generator usually has magnets and a conductor. Going back to the shaft in the gearbox. The shaft rotates the magnets which surrounds the conductor. The magnets spinning around the conductor creates voltage.

There other parts to creating windmill electricity, but these are the basic parts to know. Whether you are adventurous and try to make your own residential windmill or you buy one and have it installed, you should have a basic grasp of how a wind turbine works. Wind energy is just one form of energy that you can have working for you independence of the electric grid.

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